Life changes in an instant.

We lose a long-time love; we meet a new one. Doctors may tell us to expect a baby — or surgery and chemotherapy. We start a new career; we enter retirement. We encounter unforeseen betrayals and unexpected windfalls. For better or worse, life changes.

Navigating the frontiers of change can be among life’s most stressful experiences. Even when inspired and engaged by change, it’s not uncommon to face anxiety or depression, uncertainties and doubts, as well as an urge to grow more into the person we’d like to be –– one who meets new situations and relational challenges with resilience and grace.

Green MandalaEffective, holistic counseling can help!

Five Bodies Counseling addresses mind-body health through a simple but expansive model that explores life’s concerns and challenges, using treatment approaches designed to encourage the well-being of all five bodies common to the human experience: the physical, energetic, mental/emotional and narrative bodies, and the body of the connected heart.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Tamara Webb, MA, LPC, LMHC, CMHC welcomes clients from all walks of life. She has substantial experience in and enjoys working with: changes in role and identity, including career development, mid-life re-evaluation and LGBTQ concerns; depression and mood issues; anxiety and panic attacks; recovery from trauma and PTSD; grief counseling, including complicated grief and traumatic bereavement; end-of-life and existential concerns, including fear of death; and ambiguous loss.

Five Bodies Counseling
Psychotherapy for the Whole Being